Fact Sheets

The following fact sheets may be freely downloaded, duplicated and distributed provided that APART is identified as the source and the content is not altered. Selected journal articles are also included below.

Risk Factors for Adverse Outcome Fact Sheet
List of risk factors for adverse psychological outcomes following induced abortion.

Elective Abortion and Women's Mental Health
Summary of research findings concerning associations between elective abortion and mental health disorders.

Mental Health Outcomes of Miscarriage versus Abortion
Summary of research findings concerning mental health following elective abortion vs. miscarriage.

Publications Concerning Women and Abortion
List of academic papers, books, and articles concerning women and abortion.
Publications concerning Abortion Providers
List of academic papers, books, and articles concerning physicians, nurses, and others involved in the provision of abortion.

Abortion Provider Fact Sheet
Summary of attitudes toward and psychological effects of participation in elective abortion.
Men and Abortion Fact Sheet
Summary of observations and findings from the scientific literature concerning men and abortion.

Men and Abortion: A Table of Scholarly Papers
This table includes research papers and clinical reports concerning the potential effects of abortion on men.

Publications Concerning Men and Abortion
List of academic papers, books, and articles concerning men and abortion.
Abortion and Parenting Fact Sheet
Overview of research on associations between abortion and compromised parenting with exploration of reasons why abortion may increase risk of parenting problems.

Abortion and Partner Relationships
Summary of research findings concerning elective abortion and partner relationships.

Publications Concerning Abortion and Relationships
List of academic papers and articles concerning abortion and relationships.
Abortion and Adolescents
Summary of the legal aspects and the mental health risks of abortion during adolescence.

Publications Concerning Abortion During Adolescence
List of academic papers and articles concerning abortion during adolescence.
Essential Qualities of a Peer Counselor
A list of the essential qualities for those who engage in peer counseling.

Post Abortion Counseling Fact Sheet
Summary of the scientific research pertaining to post-abortion counseling programs.

Publications Concerning Pre and/or Post Abortion Counseling
List of academic papers, books, and articles concerning pre and/or post abortion counseling.

Warning Signs for Counselors
Warning Signs for those who counsel women and men.
Abortion and Substance Abuse Fact Sheet
Summary of research concerning abortion and substance abuse.

Critique of the APA's Mental Health & Abortion Report
The APA's latest report lacks scientific credibility due to significant methodological flaws and biases.

Late Term Abortion and Mental Health Fact Sheet
Summary of research concerning late-term abortion and mental health.
Post-abortion Syndrome
Definition, research and clinical description of PAS.

Post-abortion Syndrome: A Variant of PTSD
Identifies and examines abortion as traumagenic and includes diagnostic criteria of PAS.

Induced Abortion and Psychological Trauma
Table of studies that have identified an association between induced abortion and psychological trauma.

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