The Alliance for Post-Abortion Research and Training

In today's world, information is critical. When confronted with so much information about abortion and its many health effects, it's easy to be confused and even misinformed. APART was formed to address this need, to assist those who may not have the opportunity or resources to study the science available - in short, to stand apart.

A central goal of APART is to inform and reframe public conversations about the mental health risks of abortion based on the views of the women and men most profoundly affected, and to appropriately weight these individuals' interests and needs in shaping compassionate policies and effective post-abortion intervention.

The dual purpose of the Alliance for Post-Abortion Research and Training is to engage in the scientific study of the mental health risks of abortion and to disseminate accurate information concerning such risks to those who provide education about abortion and/or post-abortion counseling. APART seeks to further its goals in the following ways:

  1. Engage in original research pertaining to the impact of abortion on women, men, children, primary and secondary relationships, public policy, and society.
  2. Encourage national and international scholarly communication and collaboration.
  3. Facilitate the dissemination of scientifically accurate information.
  4. Foster collaboration between scientists and practitioners.
  5. Provide mental health training resources.
  6. Enhance informed consent, abortion decision-making, and post-abortion adjustment.
  7. Reduce the secrecy and shame associated with post-abortion grief and trauma.


If you are over 18, and are a woman or a man who has experienced either an abortion or a miscarriage, please take part in this new national and international research. 



"Nothing ever becomes real 'till it is experienced."
John Keats

APART Mission Statement

The Alliance for Post-Abortion Research and Training (APART) is dedicated to standing apart from the political debate as we conduct rigorous research, disseminate accurate information and serve as a forum for collaboration among scholars and professionals in the U.S. and internationally.

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